Thursday, 16 June 2011

Vernal to Moab

Wed 15th June

The omens for today were a bit dodgy when Bob opened his packet of granola and poured it over his porridge without taking the lid off, in McDonalds this morning.

We left Vernal on Highway 40, and headed south west to Rangely and then south to Loma on the 139 before dropping down to Moab.

It got a lot warmer with temperatures pushing 100 degrees as we came down from the mountains and the terrain turned to desert

We thought we'd give you a rest from pictures of pretty scenery and bikes in various poses today (in case you're getting bored). In their place are a few signs we've spotted and found amusing……

Spotted in the window of a small petrol station/store

Bob's new holiday home!

They’re not extinct and they go to Church

I'm at a loss with this one. Can you explain?

We are staying in the Moab area tomorrow to do a little exploring . It sits on the Colorado River upstream from the Grand Canyon.

.......the similarities are obvious but unlike its more famous brother we are pretty much unrestricted where we can ride.

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  1. FARM TOYS - it depends on the person reading the sign. For a true farmer it would be all of their farm equipment. Thus the old saying "the one with the most toys wins ". For a collector of old farm equipment it is how much junk they have. For a person who has been on the road a while, such as yourself, it could possibly be sheep or chickens!