Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bluff (Boys fun day)

Wed 22nd June

We found a little oasis here in the Recapture Lodge and just across the road is the San Juan River Kitchen which served up some of the best food we have had so far on this trip. Breakfast was memorable too at the Coffee House just up the road. All three are worth checking out if you come this way.

We will miss Craig's company but we found a replacement until Terry can join us.……..

Today was ‘boys having fun day‘. Most of it spent riding dirt and gravel roads.

We started by riding the dirt road along the Valley of the Gods. Better than Monument Valley as far as we were concerned........

.......we got a lot closer to the rock formations and the road was so much more fun to ride

A few more shots to make the motorcyclists amongst you jealous

The Valley of the God's road was about 20 miles long, full of twists and turns..........

.........and some great inclines

At the end we started climbing to the top of the plateau........

........ and then onto another dirt track to Muley Point.

...........Oops. Bob found a bit of sand and was awarded 9 out of 10 for artistic impression. The only damage was to the nearside crash bar but a size 10 boot soon sorted that out.

The view at Muley Point was stupendous (probably the best to date).

Temperatures today were up in the high 90’s and by the time we got back, we were sweaty heaps in need of cooling down......

.......the answer was just across the motel parking lot.

Linda arrived in the pick up, after having been driving for 12 hours, to transport Craig and his bike back to California. We went across the road for our last night (for a while) dinner. The fifth person is the waitress who wanted in on the picture too.

An update on Bob's bike: He stripped out the immobiliser that he had fitted and connected an additional earth and touching wood it's behaved itself since.

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