Friday, 3 June 2011

Spokane to Orofino

Thursday 2nd June

Last night, due to the myriad of noises emanating from our bikes, we decided to add some additives to the engine and gearbox oils to try and forestall open heart surgery. It’s a bit like the GP filling us up with pills and potions to keep us out of hospital! All was going well until I dropped the sump plug and instead of removing a little oil from the engine, the whole sump emptied over the hotel car park. Don’t you just love it when everything goes according to plan.

This morning we got up and there were three of us for breakfast. I thought I’d get a group shot for John’s family and friends back home before we set off (for those that don't know double click on the picture for a larger image).

Lucky I did as it went rapidly downhill from here on in. Shortly after leaving Spokane it started to rain, and it rained and rained and rained some more. We met with Craig (a very nice guy from California we met when motorcycling around the Grand Canyon some years ago). Craig is also riding with us for a while.

So two became four and we set off south(ish) aiming for Yellowstone. We had been told of a great riding road to Missoula via Orofina and it probably was, but all I could see were raindrops lashing against the visor.

Motorcycling is fun, honest.

And, it wasn’t exactly warm either. It was still pouring when we eventually got to Orofino and had been for some time if this view is anything to go by.

Cold and very wet we decided to call it a day and booked into a local hostelry where every bit of heating, including ovens and microwaves, was pressed into action to start drying us out.

What did I say yesterday John!

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  1. Serves you ratbags right. Out there enjoying youselves! Took Terry'bike to Ernie last week as I expect he told you. Weather here is absolutely beautiful! Chortle chortle. Give Craig my best regards. Carry on enjoying yourselves why don't you. Not a thought for us here. All the best,guys Richard