Sunday, 19 June 2011

Montrose, Colorado

Sat 18th June

We were going to go for a ride in the local area today but we had to look at some issues on the bikes and they took longer than anticipated (as they always do). Graig went off to the Black Canyon and brought back the photos to show us what we missed.

My bike is leaking oil from the front engine cover. The prime suspect was the ‘O’ ring on the bean can but when I took the cover off, the oil was leaking past one of the studs holding the timing chain cover to the block. Don‘t ask!!

I also stripped out the heated clothing wiring as Gerbing are insisting I send it all back incl jacket and gloves for checking, even though Bob’s controller works with my kit without problems. The alternative is to trump up £80 plus and buy a new one. Not helpful.

Bob has problems with power to the bike. We initially thought it was a flat battery but it started playing up whilst he was riding. He thinks the ignition switch is at fault now.

Sorry, that's enough of the boring bits

We still found time for a bit of fun in the motel swimming pool……….

Bob saying Hi to all those at home

After the pool, it was time for the hot tub. Life's tough...

Tomorrow we are heading for Durango, Colorado

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  1. Montrose to Durango. Now that's a nice ride. I just checked the weather... watch out for wind gusts up to 73 mph according to AccuWeather! Enjoying the blog. Keep it coming.