Friday, 24 June 2011

Bluff to Hanksville

Thur 23rd June

An ignominious end to the Honda’s trip as it was loaded onto the pick-up. We said our goodbyes to Craig and Linda as they set off for home.

Seems odd now that we are back to two. I asked Bob how long he thought Craig had been with us. He said five weeks. In fact it has only been three. Amazing how time has slowed because we are doing so much.

Our plan was to start heading west on Highway 95 with the intention of eventually getting to Bryce Canyon in a day or two. First stop was The Natural Bridges National Monument.

Owachomo Arch

Not in the same league as the Arches National Park but as we had bought an annual pass to get into all the National Parks and Monuments, we’re making sure we get our money's worth. (for anyone interested an annual pass cost 80 dollars and covers two motorcycles. It costs 20 dollars each for a day pass to enter Yellowstone).

Although the scenery was stunning as we rode through the canyons, we became reluctant to stop as the temperatures rose above 100 degrees.

Glen Canyon

The Colorado River didn't provide any respite from the heat. Strange how snow and ice suddenly seem appealing.

Should have used the gorilla pod rather than another tourist, it wouldn't have cut our feet off.

By the time we had got to Hanksville, both of us were suffering. We stopped for the day to take refuge in an air conditioned room............Heaven


  1. Bloody hell Dave. I've ridden that road through Glen Canyon! Awesome sweeping bends. Now having seen this I've got to save up and do it again.

  2. and as for Hanksville! Filled up at the gas station as you enter town. The shelf stacker asked where we were from. "England" we said. Blank look! England, you know, Great Britain? Blank look. Gotta love Hanksville!