Thursday, 23 February 2012

Back in BA

Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd February

Well as you can probably gather Bob and Dave are safely on the ship home & I’m back in BA as the Wednesday boarding did not happen with the vessel departing around 08.30, I have one more chance on Saturday at Zarate otherwise it’s the next sailing on 11th March.

To at least improve the situation Roger has turned up & we can explore the City together, this Pink building is where Evita used to speak to her adoring subjects & sometimes gave money away as a gift from the state, it looks like Christina the current President is following in her footsteps as the queue of people you can see is for free bus passes available for a limited time, this is one way to ensure you remain popular.

On a more tragic note you can see that all the flags are at half mask, the city is in 2 days of mourning for the 50 people killed in a train crash early yesterday at a downtown station, initial report have said that there have been concerns over the trains breaking system for years, another preventable disaster?

Avoiding Starbucks we walk to the San Telmo district of the city with a coffee at the famous Bar Plaza Dorrego, the old coffee machine may no longer be working but the atmosphere & graffiti carved into the dark wooden furniture is from a bygone age, the food is great too.

This is an antique & artist inhabeted section of the city where the famous market is held on Sundays, the colourful buildings certainly make it an attractive area to stroll around. 

Notice a picture of Christina on the bin, she is certainly popular at the moment.

Typical European design of window with shutters found all over BA.

An enclosed market in San Telmo, this one is a little unusual as it sells antiques, clothing & souvenirs as well as meat & vegetables, does this guy know what his dogs are up to?

A shot at dusk of the ‘Obilisco’ with Evita on the building in the background, this was once covered in a giant condom for AIDS awareness day, the locals however liked it so much it remained for a week instead of the planned one day.

This is a common site throughout South America, they just love ice cream & even the smallest towns have several shops, check with Bob & Dave it’s pretty good with an extensive range of flavours.

How’s this for a ceiling in a Burger King restaurant, how the authorities managed to let them adapt a palace into a burger joint I don’t know but at least they insisted they keep all the interior features!!

Once again I hope this will be the last entry with embarkation on Saturday, but you never know?