Sunday, 5 February 2012

On Our Way Home

Wednesday 1st To Saturday 4th February

As you can imagine we all feel a bit flat today, we made it to the bottom & had a small celebration dinner & it’s now time to head for home.
Before we leave Ushuaia we look round the Museum situated in the old prison & Dave has a chat with one of the inmates.

The old building also houses an Art Gallery & these Antarctic inhabitants make a colourful display, we are seriously jealous of Roger who has booked himself on a cruise there from the 8th Feb.

I also take a walk around Ushuaia, it’s quite a scenic town with mountains in the background & a ski resort nearby, snow has falling overnight & the temperature dips to around 7 degrees, at least our down jackets have come out for the first time.

All the cruise ships call in here & support the local economy, I guess they also dock in the winter or is there too much ice in the Beagle channel?

Did you know that we are considered pirates in these parts!! The Falklands is a recurring theme in this part of the world & Prince Williams’s current visit to the islands is in all the papers & on the TV.

Outside the old aerodrome there is one of the original DC3’s that formed part of the first Argentinian flight to the Antarctic, you can’t beat these old planes.

We say goodbye to Roger again & stop for one last picture on our way out of town, Dave is smiling so I guess he is looking forward to seeing Anne again in a couple of months, is that right Dave?

Our last night on the ‘Land of Fire’ is spent at Cerro Sombrero about 40km from the ferry to the mainland, shortly after check-in we meet up with Ken & Darius two Poles (one lives in Australia) who are travelling the world in 3 month stints, we spend the evening with them listening to stories of their travels in Africa, will this be our next trip?

We board the ferry at around 10am & depart ‘Tierra del Fuego’, I guess we will not be travelling this way again so it’s a bit of a downer, the good news however is ‘No more Ripio’.

We get our new tires after a small hiccup with the delivery to our Hotel, here are the bikes waiting for the return with the new rubber. The last 2500km will now be a breeze (we hope!).


  1. Never mind Chaps not all bad, London Pride still flowing as is my home brew ;0) Sam looking forward to seeing you Bob , Terry you can get the beers in

    The Argentine news has been headlines here and seems to be escalating a little so take care

  2. Yes every where we go there are signs saying the Malvinas and monuments to the heroes of the Malvinas.
    Looking forward to a few pints of London Pride.
    I expect Sam has shot up another foot while I've been away.

  3. Don't think much of Dave's interrogation tecnique. The suspect looks scared stiff.