Friday, 17 June 2011

Moab (Arches National Park)

Thurs 16th June

This area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with lots of white water rafting, mountain biking, off road motoring or just plain hiking and sightseeing. I think the Americans have publicised the Grand Canyon so they can keep this area for themselves.

Today was spent exploring the ‘Arches National Park’ Utah which is just a couple of miles outside Moab and unfortunately we ran out of time/energy to explore other parts of the area which are probably just as interesting.

Bob rearranging the park

One of many towering rocks

How does that stay up there?

Apparently there are over 2000 arches in this park

Three impressed visitors

The delicate arch

Craig looking insignificant for the first time in his life

More amazing rock formations

Tomorrow we're heading to Montrose where a friend of Craig's has a motorcycle shop. We need new rear tyres, an oil change and I need to investigate an oil leak from the front engine cover whilst Bob's bike had a flat battery this afternoon!

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