Saturday, 18 June 2011

Moab to Montrose

Fri 17th June

We set off for Montrose this morning after having what is becoming our normal breakfast of porridge, yoghurt, coffee and fresh orange juice at McD‘s. Our healthiest meal of the day.

About ten miles out of Moab Bob lost one of the visor fixings off his helmet.

We spent half an hour searching the roadside without success, so for the time being he’s taped up. Didn‘t quite have enough gaffer tape for his mouth but we're starting to look like proper travellers.

Very much a cooler and cloudier day today which was fine as our prime aim was to get the 175 miles or so to Montrose to get new rear tyres and the engine oil changed on the bikes.

I still haven’t got used to the wide open spaces and the distances you can see.

Is this the smallest US Post Office? Note the Porta a Loo out the back for the postmaster/mistress. Hope he/she doesn't suffer from claustrophobia.

We arrived in Montrose mid afternoon and once unloaded we went over to Craig’s friend Morgan to work on the bikes.

This is not some sort of mating dance. As all good travellers know, this is one of the best ways to break the seal between the tyre and rim. Skills that need to be honed in case you have a puncture in the middle of nowhere and need to change the tyre/tube……

………Ah well, we’re not in the middle of nowhere yet, so we chose the easy option.

After all that hard work, it was time for some liquid refreshment.

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