Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hanksville to Tropic

Fri 24th June

Eating establishments in Hanksville were in short supply. In fact Stan’s Burger Shack was it, so providing you wanted something fried in a bun with chips you were ok. Unfortunately our complimentary breakfast was there too and the menu was much the same. Although tough to turn down a free breakfast neither of us could face it, so we rode 50 miles to Torrey and bought one instead.

Bob was up at 6.15am this morning, wanting to be on the road before the heat got too much and very reluctantly I dragged myself out of bed too as I didn't relish the thought of riding in a furnace either.

A little dirt road riding to wake us up

It wasn't long before the temperatures started to rise to uncomfortable levels. Shirt sleeves or mesh jackets are the order of the day here and I can see myself investing in one once we get to a decent sized town. Less than a fortnight ago I was complaining of the cold!!!

Our route to Torrey along Highway 24 provided some interesting pictures with.......

strange shaped rocks.......

....and big boulders (The Twin Boys)

After Torrey we took highway 12 up into the hills to some very welcome cooler temperatures......

grass and the smell of the trees was a novelty after the desert conditions of the past few days, so we stopped to savour it for a while........

It was short lived though as we dropped down the other side of the mountains. We had been to over 9000 feet and even a few pockets of snow were hanging on up there.

We stopped at Escalante for an extended lunch to sort out a few admin issues and caught up with our nearest and dearest on Skype whilst still a reasonable time in the UK.

After a pretty much uneventful day on the road, we stopped for the night a little distance from Bryce Canyon at a place called Tropic.

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