Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cortez to Bluff

Tues 21st June

We left Cortez this morning with the intention of eventually getting to Monument Valley and then finding some accommodation a little further on.

Our first stop was to do the touristy bit and go stand on the ‘Four Corners’. This is the famous spot where the corners of the States of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona meet.

And of course we all had to stand in separate States and let the gorilla pod do its work.

Bearing in mind each State makes its own laws (ie. wearing seat belts or a crash helmet etc), it must be be confusing around here.

After the photo session we rode on towards Monument Valley via highway 162, stopping at Aneth for a drink………

….and a bit of a rest in the shade

.....then some more empty roads to ride

At Bluff, all plans were off. Craig’s battery was flat again even though he fitted a new one last last night.

After a bump start and a bit of testing, the Regulator was deemed at fault.

After a brief 'pow wow' and telephone call to his better half, Craig's wife Linda volunteered to drive up from California and trailer his bike back home (a 1300 mile round trip). What a star.

We couldn’t just leave him there without having a party, so we booked into a local motel. Later Bob and I rode to Monument Valley, leaving Craig chilling by the pool.

..... the road to Monument Valley

A drink at Gouldings, made famous by John Wayne when he stayed here filming.

A bit of dirt road riding in stunning surroundings

Having enjoyed the unscheduled stop (good food and beer), we decided to stay tomorrow too and keep Craig company until Linda turns up.

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