Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lehi to Ogden

Mon 27th & Tues 28th June

Our plan if there is such a thing is to continue north in the mountains and ride around the top of Great Salt Lake, then come south again through the salt flats to the Bonneville Speedway Site, the location of all those land speed record attempts, before heading west to San Francisco.

Today’s leg was to get up into the mountains to the west of the lake and ride some minor roads and gravel tracks

At Midway we stopped off at the War Memorial on the top of Memorial Hill. There were great views but it was the patterns in the fields that caught the attention..........

Crop circles American style.

The sculpture at the memorial, of boots, helmet, rifle and dog tag was quite poignant.

Heading into the mountains

We found the snowline again (around 9000 ft). It was over 90 degrees at the bottom but a lot more comfortable up here. The snow should have been gone a month or more ago but apparently it has been a particularly long and hard winter with two or three times the normal annual snowfall.

Some more dirt roads on route to Morgan where we had hoped to find a bed for the night, however, there were no motels or anything else for that matter, so we continued down the Interstate to Ogden.

We decided to stay a second night here at Ogden to catch up on some housekeeping, ie washing, shopping and fiddling with the bikes and a bit of time in the hot tub and pool.

We’ve been travelling nearly eight weeks now and I thought Bob had lost the plot when I saw him pulling faces and clapping at the computer. Men in white coats came to mind.......

........until I saw Emelia, his grand daughter on screen, so I didn't make the phone call...... I see she's practising grand dads eating habits already!!

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