Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Casper to Hot Springs

Tuesday 7th June

The big feature of today was wind. No not me, the weather. The forecast on television was talking about 50 mph gusts but I suspect it was even higher as it managed to blow over Bob’s bike when it was parked on the centre stand. Fortunately damage was minimal, just a few scratches on the pannier corner and crash bars. Whenever we stopped today we had to park in the lee of a building as it proved quite a challenge to get off the loaded bikes without getting blown over.

Many of the town signs in this part of the world have the towns population recorded on them….

Is this the lowest or are we now into the game of trying to spot a lower one?

The terrain of today’s ride was much like yesterday, although in many respects less dramatic because it was just that bit more undulating and the road a little less straight……..

......well some of the time

Our route took us along Highway 25 and then onto Highway 18 through Lusk, Edgemont and through to Hot Springs.
We're stopping here a couple of nights to visit Mount Rushmore and a few of the other nearby attractions.

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