Thursday, 2 June 2011

Creston to Spokane

Goodbye Canada. Hello USA

First hurdle today was to blag our way through US Customs. No difficulties there, just six dollars each for a visa waiver (note for Terry, the online one is for airports only).

The Border Crossing

We’re now in proper Harley territory where even the parking notices are based around the Milwaukee breed. The BMWs seemed to take exception and promptly marked their territory by dumping fuel over the parking lot (spot the stains under the bikes).

The ride was pretty mundane, a hundred miles or so of main roads to Spokane so we could get my defective Gerbing heated clothing controller replaced. Thanks to Gerbing and Kate from ‘Customs by Jim’ for replacing it without quibble.

We booked into our hotel and awaited the arrival of John (Shill) who has flown in from the UK to travel with us for a couple of weeks Looking a little bedraggled he complained of heavy rain and thunderstorms. We hope its not following him or we'll send him back early.

We head towards Yellowstone tomorrow.

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