Friday, 10 June 2011

Hot Springs to Gillette

Thursday 9th June

Woke up this morning and looked out of the window. It was chucking it down. Went downstairs to check on the bike. Chilly, temperature 48 deg. I suggested getting back under the duvet for a couple of hours but Bob was having none of it.

Craig’s impersonation of the Hulk (are you sure you want him back Linda). The green marigolds were the source of the amusement. Cheaper than Gortex though!

You probably realise that photo opportunities were in short supply today. It did stop raining after about an hours riding but stayed dull and grey. Our route primarily on main highways was via Newcastle and Sundance.

We were aiming for ‘Devils Tower’ the first designated National Monument in the USA. It was the rock featured in the film ‘Close Encounters’ for you film buffs.

Bob doing the juvenile bit............

........ and the opportunity for the group photo of the day

From 'Devils Tower' it was the freeway to Gillette, the coal mining capital of America where we stopped for the night. Shortly after unloading we were treated to thunderstorms and lightening. Luckily we were enjoying a beer rather than riding in it.

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