Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Debois to Casper

Mon 6th June

This is where we ate last night, a small restaurant next to the hotel. The lass serving wanted her photograph taken with us after she discovered what we were doing. Are we famous...........?

............Charlie's the one on the right holding the beer!!

Our route today was along Highway 26 to Shoshoni and then onto Casper. The Dubois area is famous as the home of Butch Cassidy and also of……

.......some stunning rock formations .

Our first fluid break was at Crowheart. The two ladies in the store taught me a new word describing their one horse, one store town. ' a Podunk' (a small isolated, insignificant town or village). What a great word.

We are now in Indian country and I wouldn't have been surprised to see some atop these horses trotting along the ridge, headdresses on and spears in hand.

Although we were at an altitude of 5500 ft or so for most of the day, the temperature was up into the nineties and there wasn't a cloud in the sky......

.....searching out a bit of shade for a rest

Motorcyclists normally prefer riding along twisty, undulating roads but flat and straight is what we got for the next 100 miles.

Not only were the roads flat but for as far as the eye could see the surrounding landscape was too, with just short scrub grass covering what would otherwise be desert.

The only things to break up the monotony was the odd house/bulding and these pronghorn antelope. For the zoologists among you, two thirds of the world’s population of these animals roam this area.

.... 100 miles nothing but this

Casper eventually appeared like a mirage, taking the form of a large beer and that was it for the day.

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