Monday, 13 June 2011

Cody to Jackson Hole

Sunday 12th June

We left Cody this morning with the clouds looking ominous. Our ride was going to take us back into Yellowstone Park, coming full circle to where we were a week ago!! (Bob denies being lost for the past week).

We stopped briefly at Buffalo Bill Dam just outside of Cody. Its claim to fame is that when it was built in 1910, it was the tallest dam in the world at 325 ft.

Can't keep them out of the photo's

As we started climbing, the weather worsened and it got progressively colder and wetter. At the summit 8600+ feet there was a fair amount of snow about and the rain had turned to sleet….
    This was the road that was closed last week due to the avalanche risk. We weren’t supposed to stop but we did of course, for the photo opportunity. Whilst I taking the shot, Craig and Bob spotted the Rangers approaching and rode off leaving me to face the music….That’s friends for you.

    I decided to plug in the heated gloves and jacket to warm up my numb bits. Quess what! Yep, the dual controller had packed up again. Very frustrating when you only use this kit when you need it and then it fails. More e mails to Gerbing coming up…….

    In spite of the dodgy weather we did spot one of Yogi’s relatives, even though it was a 100yds up the mountain….

    ….Bears in Yellowstone are a bit like Lions in Africa. Once one gets spotted the word gets out on the radio and within minutes people are five deep trying to get a look. I told them to go up to British Colombia, there’s more bears than people up there

    Today’s artistic effort

    We left Yellowstone via the South Entrance and rode on Highway 191 to Jackson Hole for tonight’s stop.

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