Saturday, 11 June 2011

Gillette to Hardin

Fri 10th June

Well it happened.

As they say all things good have to come an end. It is time for me to head back to Seattle whilst they head south. I have had a great time and many laughs thanks to Bob, Dave & Craig.

USA has been amazing. Surprising me time and time again with its beauty.

Today’s ride had us leaving the city of Gillette WY, a coal town in cold/windy weather with it looking as it was going to rain.

We headed into the green hills which went on & on. So much so that we had to have a group nap.

We thought we might stop for fuel and a break further on and found this place. Unfortunately it was closed.

We found this sign in the window so maybe they were out tangoing?

Later Bob decided that the bike was sluggish in the winds and altitudes and just had to get rid of some things off the bike.

This was the pile he left behind.

The roads were long and windy with no traffic..

This great road took us on to Custer’s Last Stand Memorial where we learnt about the battle that went on and of course we had to look where Custer fell.

We spent the night in Hardin where we camped under the stars as usual in a motel. We had our last camp fire meal eating Mexican just to get Bob and Dave used to foreign food.

Just so you know the lengths that Dave goes to, to get the great photos you see on the blog just look below. Keep up the good work. Eat your heart out David Bailey.

Once again guys many thanks for everything…

Keep enjoying the ride but most of all KEEP SAFE.

See you on your return…… John

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