Monday, 13 June 2011

Jackson to Green River, Wyoming

Mon 13th June
Our initial plan from here was to ride over towards Salt Lake City and on to the West Coast, however, Craig is staying with us a while longer and has suggested some routes and places down Colorado way worth visiting, so that’s the direction we're heading.

After breakfasting on porridge and yoghurt at the Ritz (ok, McDonalds) we left Jackson Hole on Highway 191 heading South.…..
….and into the mountains again,

First stop was at the US Post Office at Broadbent (a very small town) to buy some stamps for cards. This office probably serves less than a hundred homes and in the UK would be closed as uneconomic.

It took a while for the postmistress to work out the cost of sending post to the UK. Lets hope she got it right or someone in the Denman family will be disappointed.

La Barge a small oil/gas town was our lunch stop. We walked into the bar to find they only sold coffee, beer, chips (crisps) and pizza (The blog will be changed to ’3 blobs go for a bike ride shortly').

It felt slightly intimidating, like those old westerns where they’re all sitting at the bar and turn around and just look at you when you walk in. A bit later, without hardly having said a word, the landlady came over with, pens, bottle holders, key rings, tags and various other bits of paraphernalia advertising the bar…… She’d heard our English accents and wanted to give us some memorabilia. How sweet is that.

………In the afternoon we were up in Wyoming's high desert country where the wind picked up starting a bit of a sand storm.

……… and Bob’s sat nav thought it would give us a bit of off road riding
before taking us to Green River for our night's stop.

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  1. It's nice to see that you guys are taking in some of the back roads and small towns. Most blogs are filled with the same old tourist traps and little is shown or mentioned about the a actual journey. Keep up the good work and may you have safe travels. If you plan to head up in to Washington state please mention so in your blog and I will post some contact info in hopes we might meet each other. Roy