Thursday, 26 May 2011

Valemount to Edson

Mon 23rd May

The day dawned grey, cold and a bit wet. We were riding at around 3000 feet for much of the day and Bob succumbed to the illicit delights of the heated clothing straight away. It’s possibly the best bit of kit we’ve brought for this trip so ar, as the weather can throw what it likes at you, and like that old readybreak advert, there’s a warm glow all around you and riding is still fun.

We stopped at Jasper for lunch which is the start of the Icefield Parkway and goes down to Lake Louise. It is a route of outstanding natural beauty and one of the reasons we came up this way. However, we are taking a detour and heading for Don & Pauline Chapman’s home in Edson. They are old friends of Bob’s who emigrated out here last year and invited us to stay over. Apart from wanting to meet up with them, Bob wants to sort out his head bearings and Don, being a BMW nut, has all the tools.

We snapped this Caribou (Reindeer) shortly after Jasper.

Everything is outsize in Canada. The trains are huge, pull over 200 wagons and go on for ever.

Bob needs blocks on the pedals to drive the local vehicle of choice.

and if this dam is anything to go by, you don’t mess with the beavers in this part of the world either, let alone the bears.

We were welcomed with big hugs by Don & Pauline when we appeared on their doorstep and the wine flowed to the early hours.

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