Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Galgary looks a bit like Vegas as you approach - flat all around, then suddenly a cluster of modern looking skyscrapers appear like mirages out of the gloom.

Feeling somewhat wrecked today (Sunday). Tried to get in touch with cargo handlers re bikes but just got an answer machine. In the afternoon we wandered around and ended up in an outdoor shop. Bob heard a familiar voice, looked around, and there was Andy Miller talking to a sales assistant with the rest of his family. He kindly offered to loan us a car for tomorrow so that we could organise sorting out the bikes. We are told that customs will want a soil test done (I’m thinking, why do they want to know the ph of the mud on my bike?).

Like all good travellers we like to embrace the local culture and traditions so we had lunch in a Chinese and a couple of pints and dinner (sausage & mash) in the local Irish bar. A pint cost $8.55 (well over £5). Bob will soon be going tee total or we’ll have run out of money by the end of July and be coming home. Which do you think it will be?

Monday was spent getting the bikes out of storage. All went without a hitch, just a bit of running between the cargo handlers and Customs. The nice lady on the Customs desk didn’t even want to test my soil!

We are off to Banff in the morning to start the trip proper.

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  1. Bob - teetotal? I don't think so but maybe, at that cost, he'll just be even more selective on his choice of beer! Good to know the bikes 'flew' through customs OK. Safe riding!