Saturday, 21 May 2011

The long journey South

Fri 20th May

Had a lazy start to the day. We wandered into the one local bar/café for breakfast which is also the famous establishment where people have been getting Hyderised since 1957.

High Street, Hyder

We had intended to drop in last night to get Hyderised ……but they had shut up shop before we arrived which was probably a good thing (search it on google if you're interested but surprise, surprise it involves drinking150 proof alcohol).

Seems Terry got here before us. He has one of the prime plots on the high street selling "Exotic Junk". Should do well!

This is as far north as we go, it’s all down hill from here. We didn’t do it all but for the record we travelled some of the Alaska Highway

We came across lots more bears, this one wasn't too friendly. Awesome is a much overused word these day but it accurately describes the terrain around this area. We spent ages watching the bears and looking at the glaciers and mountains

Bear Glacier

As we started off late and spent a lot of time stopping and looking, our progress was slow. Bob’s head bearings had come seriously loose again and in order to sort it out we called it a day in a place called New Hazelton somewhere on Highway 16.

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