Saturday, 28 May 2011

Golden to Sicamous

Fri 27th May

Before setting off from Golden we had a look at the wiring on my bike to try an sort out why the heated clothing gave up on me. One of the advantages of having the same bikes and equipment on a trip like this is that you can swap bits over. Holmes and Watson quickly determined that the dual controlller appeared to be the quilty culprit. (Don’t worry Rob all your wiring is still working fine, thank you).

Our journey today was about 150 miles with nearly all of it on Highway One, the Trans Canadian Highway so the ride was pretty uninteresting. We got just about everything the weather could throw at us including sleet and snow up on ‘Rogers Pass’ and by the time we found somewhere to have a break all my extremities were numb. Bob offered me his controller for the last leg (what a kind man). I accepted purely on the pretext of double checking our diagnosis. (honestly!!!).

We arrived at Sicamous mid afternoon and pulled into Chris’s palatial abode (nicknamed the Plywood Palace). Needs a little finishing off to stop the draughts………..

Fortunately Chris has a more cosy residence to the left which we decamped to. At the moment we are here abusing Chris’s kind hospitality until Tuesday morning before moving down to the States to meet up with John Shill and Craig.

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