Saturday, 21 May 2011

Onwards and Upwards to Alaska

Thur 19th May

The gods are smiling as we got to up to bright sunshine again today. No breakfast at the hotel but as if by magic, the Golden Arches appeared.
I’d swear that if I rode to the North Pole there would be a McDonalds there.

Thought you would all like to see something familiar!!!!

There was some fantastic scenery and great roads for riding again.

Bob practising his motorcycle display team routine

Still no bear photos so we thought we’d hang out with this cool dude. He was spotted in Terrace our lunch stop.

Shortly afterwards we finally got some picks of the real thing before they had disappeared back into the undergrowth. Look closely by mum's hind legs.

The big one below wasn’t bothered at all with our presence but the one above was a lot more edgy. We realised why when baby appeared from out under a rock saying "who's been eating my porridge".

Our route took us through New Aiyansh, the main settlement of the Nisga'a

If you’re frustrated with someone these guys have an idea or two on how to deal with it.

Next was our first extended period of dirt road riding, about 60 km before getting back onto tarmac.

Got absolutely covered in dust and the bike rattled and shaked so much that a bit of tightening and adjusting is required before setting off tomorrow.

We finally rode into Hyder, Alaska at around 9.30pm after 300 plus miles. It’s a one horse town and everything was closed. We spotted the local hotelier locking up and managed to get a room. We couldn’t get any food and had to persuade him to sell us a couple of cans of beer and a packet of crisps. I bet Ewan and Charlie would have got a better reception.

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