Friday, 27 May 2011

Jasper to Golden

Thur 25th May

The day started from Jasper, the beginning of the Icefield Parkway, a World Heritage Site. The road runs through some of the most spectacular scenery that the Rockies has to offer and is about 230 km through to Lake Louise.

As you can see from the photograph of bob outside of our accommodation in Jasper, the weather looked quite promising. Unfortunately things slowly deteriorated from there on.

We spent the day taking in the sights but the clouds became ever thicker and lower.

The trip, scenic as it was, would have looked much more stunning if we had been blessed with clear skies.

At lunch time we stopped at the Athabasca glacier. Even with the shots of low cloud you can imagine what this area would look like under clear skies.

Bob decided he wanted to take the snowmobile trip up onto the glacier.............

whilst I chose to walk up to its foot.........

and a picture of the local wildlife for those of you who prefer it to us (most of you, I know).

After we got to Lake Louise, we decided to carry on to Golden as accommodation would be cheaper and it would cut down on the journey time back to Sicamous and Chris’s tomorrow. By now it was around 7pm. The temperature dropped rapidly and with 50 miles to go we rode into heavy rain for the rest of the ride. Being all smug and wired up, I plugged in the heated jacket and gloves. Nothing, I checked the wires and controls, still nothing. I thought, I should have kept my big mouth shut yesterday as I slowly froze. By the time I reached Golden I was a shivering, gibbering, idiot (that’s normal says Bob).

Heaven, was languishing in a hot shower until I thawed out.

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