Monday, 23 May 2011

Prince George to Valemount

Sunday 22nd May

Bob jumped out of bed before 7.30 this morning and announced "come on we've been getting up too late". I grunted and turned over mumbling something like I need a coffee.

We had a dry day today. The roads were much like yesterday for most of the way (we continued down Highway 16 from Prince George towards Jasper). However, we did spot this beauty grazing near the roadside and sat and watched him for a while.

What's your problem!

As we were passing through McBride we broke for lunch at 'Crazy Cone' with its colourful chairs and tables. It was from here that the views started to improve with snow capped mountains on either side of the valley.
Bob in the pink!

After McBride we left the main road a couple of times to do a bit of exploring but didn't come across anything spectacular. There are quite a few wooden planked bridges in this part of the world and with the tyres we are running on it is always an exciting experience. The handlebars suddenly appear to have a life of their own just like a manic ouiga board.

Bob doing his 'Easy Rider' impression

Most people, I'm sure, think a trip like this is all fun, however, the long distance travellers amongst you know it's darn hard work sorting everything out, organising accommodation, putting up tents, working out routes, cooking, washing, cleaning, bike maintenance etc. etc .............

damn who uploaded that image...

We had intended to get down to Jasper today but were advised that with the first Bank Holiday weekend of the season for Canadians, accommodation in Jasper would be expensive and in short supply. We therefore took a slight detour and stopped overnight in Valemount.

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