Thursday, 12 May 2011

Skating on Thin Ice

Left Banff in glorious sunshine and started heading across the Rockies toward Sicamous where Chris Stone now lives (most BMW clubbers will know Chris).

I probably don’t need to tell you the scenery is stunning, especially with all the snow about, however, the downside was we were prevented from reaching Lake Moraine which is supposedly particularly stunning. Perhaps we'll try again when we come back down from Prince Rupert in a week or so.

Unusually Bob did what he was told and didn’t go past the road closed signs but as you can see it didn’t last long, the thin ice signs on Lake Louise were totally ignored

As we approached Sicamous, Bob says, "I know where Chris’s place is I’ve looked it up on Google Earth"!!! Needless to say we rode straight past and about 5 miles further on a 4X4 came speeding past with Chris waving frantically. He had watched us drive straight by from his kitchen window.

We rode about 240 miles today, probably the furthest these bikes have ever been ridden in one go. The bikes behaved themselves although Bob’s headstock bearings had worked loose and his auxiliary rear lights packed up. A job for tomorrow.

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