Monday, 9 May 2011

And Then There Were Two

Well, as Dave has already mentioned my trip has been somewhat delayed by my acrobatics on the M3 & I must both apologise & thank Anne for her help on Thursday as the incident happened right in front of her (And she still let Dave go although at the cost of a small proposal I believe!!).

First on a serious note this incident shows the importance of having some ‘shakedown’ runs fully loaded in good time prior to departure (we didn't), the front mounted bag that caused my high side only weighed a few pounds but was enough to upset a light front end at 50 mph.

It’s a bit early to fully assess what needs to be done to the bike but apart from the bent handlebars most of the damage seems to be to Ernie’s luggage & crash bars so following some kind offers from Richard Tavener & John Shill I hope to get the bike back to Overland Solutions for repair in the not too distant future.

I’m now back at home having managed to hang onto my Spleen so need about 6 weeks for the clavicle to sort itself out, if all things work out I should be able to join the boys in San Francisco in July.

As I often say ‘S**t Happens’ & it sure did, I survived however & if I only loose a couple of months travel it will not be too bad, I am of course the youngest member of the trio & the only one below 60!!

Dave, Bob, it’s great to hear that you arrived in good shape & have a great time without me, see you soon.

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  1. Get well soon Terry and sort those old boys out!