Saturday, 21 May 2011

time for thank you

Well first a big thank you to all who made sure we got away on the day and also made a great occasion of sending us off at the saddlers Arms on Tuesday 3rd. May.
It was only on that Tuesday evening whilst talking with Nigel page he offered me some throw over tank bags, which I collected on Wednesday morning and Nigel spent an hour or two making them fit with appropriate webbing straps to secure them to the bike. Thanks Nigel, they are really good at keeping the items I need quickly to hand and also putting weight in the correct area of the bike.
The last week before leaving was just a bit frantic and Terry doing his tricks on the M3 didn't make it any easier. Now been away two weeks and we are beginning to settle into some sort of routine but not quiet the right one yet. We will get there soon I'm sure.
We have already changed our route to include a bit of Alaska as it is so close. Which is supposed to be worth going to especially along the road that has been recommended to us by Phil Paulson.
I think our expensive Rukka riding outfits will get a thorough testing very soon as the rain is almost every day in this part of the world and when it rains it is also cold. Although it has been a bit cold already I haven't had to plug in the heated jacket and gloves yet. Thanks indeed to Richard at Tran-am for his assistance in sorting out the Rukka outfits for us.
I'm sure Dave and I have left a lot of things for our better halves to deal with and can only thank both Ann and Carol for making the trip possible and being able to deal with all the rubbish we have left them to sort out. Having a home help is probably one essential part of traveling these days, when the ATM keeps the card or just doesn't work then home help dealing with it.
Thank you Carol.

 This is how Dave spends  a lot of his time writing and uploading the blog which is all pure fiction of course

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