Monday, 16 May 2011

Sciamous to Vancouver

Thur 12th May

We had a lazy day at Chris's and spent the morning checking and adjusting a few things on the bikes. Bob emptied all his worldly possessions for the next 12 months over the floor in an effort to cut down on the four torches, two mugs three groundsheets kitchen sink and other must haves that he is currently carrying around (hope you’ve got a big bag John).

Fri 13th May

Off to Whistler toady, about a seven hour ride (245 miles). Chris has a few days off and decided to ride with us to Vancouver (nothing to do with a young lady he has there of course).

Duffey Lake

It was pretty cool when we set off, just a few degrees above zero. My heated jacket and gloves were plugged in for testing purposes!!! Ah heaven, Being toasty warm was worth all the abuse. The route To Whistler via Highway 99, was motorcycling heaven.

It felt we had time travelled as we rode into Lillooet for a coffee break. A “Gold Rush“ town where time appears to have passed it by. I expected Wild Bill Hickok to be in the bar with his horse tied up outside, instead it was Bob and his trusty steed.,_British_Columbia

Bob modelling some new earrings

Whistler was pretty unspectacular from what we saw. A typical ski resort, although we had some lovely beer and pizzas in a place called ‘Creekbread’ before crashing out in the local hostel.

Sat 14th/Sun 15th May

Just a couple of hours riding and we were entering Vancouver, a modern vibrant city. It is easy to see why it keeps winning awards for the best city in which to live.

Vancouver in the mist

It has mountains, lots on inland waters and some stunning parks/forests within the city limits. Although the weather was rubbish (light rain most of the day),we spent all of Sunday wandering, mostly on foot.

Totem Poles in Stanley Park

Where's Wally

Stanley Park

Tomorrow we part company with Chris who is heading back to Sicamous whilst we are off to Vancouver Island where we hope to ride up to Port Hardy and then get a boat up the inner passage to Prince Rupert.

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