Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sailing to Prince Rupert

Wed 18th May

Not even copious amounts of caffeine could make me human at four forty five am. We were at the terminal by 0530hrs.

It was the first sailing on the Inner passage route this year and most of the staff were new too I suspect as nobody seemed to know what they were doing.

As you can see Bob was fully alert looking for Whales and the other wildlife that is apparently prevalent along this route. I think someone must have forgotten to tell them that the new season had started as they were conspicuous by they’re absence. Not a whale to be spotted, just a few dodgy rocks sticking out of the water

Route from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

Phil Paulson, the guy we met on Vancouver Island was also on the boat. He lives in Prince Rupert and rides a Kawasaki Vulcan 1700cc (the bikes and blokes are all big over here). He showed us the route to take to Hyder just inside Alaska and some other places to see en route. Thanks for your help Phil.

Bob must be feeling under the weather today, he chose a Sprite in preference to a bottle of beer at lunchtime. The boy is definitely going down with something serious.

The waters around here are full of floating tree trunks that have either escaped or been discarded by the loggers as worthless. Apart from the ones in the sea, the coastline is littered with them. Rumour is a B&Q lorry was spotted picking them up.

The scenery on this trip was mile, upon mile, upon mile of pine forest’ from the top of the mountains down to the water’s edge’ with just the odd settlement to break the pattern. There's certainly plenty of wood up here.

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  1. Hello. My name is Roy. I live in Washington state USA. I have made Alaska trips on my bike several times and enjoyed them all. If you make it to Hayder and are willing to travel some gravel road, head through Hayder and ride up to the Salmon glacier. You will be in awe. Of all the places I have ridden to, it has to be my favorite. We pitched camp up there and returned the next day. I am still trying to figure out this blog thing but hope to be in touch from time to time. Roy