Monday, 30 May 2011

Getting Ready for the States

Sat 28th to Mon 30th May

Three days spent at Chris’s. We very much appreciated his hospitality. The bikes stayed in the Plywood Palace whilst we were ferried about for the weekend. Time was spent checking the bikes, doing a few modifications and the first of many oil changes.

We stopped off to see where Chris works. The houseboat in the picture which he helped to build, costs in the region of 750,000 dollars. During the season it will be rented out on the local lake for around 1500 dollars a week. As we have come to expect over here, it’s big, luxurious, with TV’s and sound systems in just about every room, Hot tubs, bars, and slides into the water etc. etc.

Sunday a day of rest. Not quite. The morning was spent hiking with Chris and friends from an outdoor club, 12 in all, and 7 km. Up and down in the country side. That means in amongst the trees here and mountains. Followed by large coffee then a large Ice cream from a dairy which makes a very nice selection of flavours. Always a job deciding which combination and you have to have two scoops and the waffle cone.

Back to the Plywood Palace and after a beer or two on the deck watching the world go by, we decided to try and clean the bikes. “Chris where is your car wash kit” answer “ I don't have any” .
So we had to make do with a very small sponge and a bucket of water with a squirt of washing up liquid. Not sure it was worth the effort as when it dries it looks a mess.

Monday I finished off modifying the panniers so the inner bags don’t get damaged by the bolts and plates holding the locks. Bob went through all his kit to see what is non essential in an effort to lighten the load!! I think he managed to jettison a pair of socks.

The washing was done so all our kit is clean before moving on. Lunch was in the local café (Granma’s & Granpa’s) where we spent several hours catching up with family on Skype answering emails and updating this.

Thanks again Chris for all your help and hospitality, hopefully we’ll see you back in the UK sometime

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