Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Over to Vancouver Island

Mon 16th May

Up bright and early this morning. Not too many regrets leaving the hostel in Vancouver. It is in the middle of a refurbishment and as a result showers and toilets were in short supply. The new open plan style will take some getting used to for us reserved Brits.

Bob was shy and wouldn’t drop his trousers for the photo shoot!

Waiting for the Ferry

The ferry over to Vancouver Island took about an hour and a half, from there we rode down to Victoria for a look around. It was much bigger than we thought it would be so didn’t hang around for long.

Bob meeting an old Friend in Victoria

On the way back up the Island we stopped to take in the view and got chatting to a guy who lives in Prince Rupert. We said we were thinking of taking a ferry to Hyder in Alaska but he says riding it is so much better with some fantastic roads incl about 60 kms of gravel tracks, so depending on the weather we’ll probably try that route

Some habits are hard to break (for Chris & Debs)

Stopped for the night in Parkville.


  1. Just loving the blog - great pictures and commentary! Keep up the good work Dave!

  2. Bet that Starbucks is a poofy super skinny extra hot chai tea latte with a triple dose of cinnamon. Just wait, by the time you get to South America you'll be boiling up acorns for your morning brew xx

  3. Dont worry Bob it will pan out ok, Sam says hello and is missing you :0(

  4. that Richard says: Have you thought of taking a pan with you, seem to have everything else on the bike!