Thursday, 26 May 2011

Edson to Jasper

Tues 24th - Wed 25th May

Woke up with a sore head this morning (no sympathy expected). We went out in the morning to the local Park (that's a forest in UK terms) for some exercise and fresh air

A photo of Don & Pauline outside of their front door with a couple of interlopers.

After lunch it was time to get our hands dirty and work on the bikes.

This is the workshop in the back garden (you can see less than of half of it). There is also a separate garage for the car(s) at the front.
Don was a star, both bikes were running a little unevenly and he kindly set about adjusting and balancing the carbs on both of our bikes as well as helping adjust tappets etc. In the meantime Pauline had washed all of our dirty clothing and got dinner. What can we say, just a big, big thank you. We enjoyed our stay enormously

The evening entertainment

The following day we got up bright and early with the intention of getting back to Jasper (couple of hours) and then some way down the Icefield Parkway. Well we left a little later than intended (par for the course) and then 30 miles down the road Bob stops and announces that he can't remember packing his camera (all who know Bob knows this is normal behaviour). Back to Don & Pauline's we go and find Bob's camera in the garage. It was around midday before we finally got going.

One of the most scenic areas before Jasper is supposed to be Lake Maligne with its turquoise waters so we took a 20 mile detour to have a look. Unfortunately the sun was not playing ball and the lake was mostly frozen so we didn't see it at its best.

It was late afternoon by the time we got to Jasper and decided to call it a day there.

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  1. Hello both, reminds us of our time in Canada this time last year-yes it was cold and wet. As one adventure comes to a close-we head home on 10th June from Panama, yours is just beginning. Enjoy!! We will be following in spirit if not more solidly :(