Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weaverville to Fort Bragg

Mon 18th July

A useless statistic to start the day - So far we have been on the road 10 weeks and covered 10,000 miles but have travelled South less than 900 miles from Calgary (our start). How long to get to Ushuaia?

Today’s ride was 200 miles to Fort Bragg of which over160 miles was single carriageway, twisty mountainous roads of varying quality..........

The downside was that we were in the clouds or rain for much of the day.

Our route was Highway 3, then 36 before going on minor roads through Ruth, Zena & Harris.....

..........via the shortest route on Bob's GPS!!

Orphan Annie wearing the latest designer wet weather gear!

It wasn't all wet and horrible because the roads were great..........

with some great views when the cloud did break............

.........and some wildlife too.

We hadn't spoken to anyone or managed to find anywhere to get a hot drink until we reached Garberville some 6 hours later.

After some hot food and drink it was Highway 101 to Leggett and then the coastal Highway 1. The weather wasn't any better on the coast with the sea mist giving only a glimpse of the grey sea now and again. We had had enough by the time we got to Fort Bragg and it was straight into a hot shower - Bliss.

The highlight of the day was when we wandered into a local coffee bar/cafe for dinner and were treated to some bluesy live music by a guy (The Great White Shark) touring and promoting his first record . He was good enough for us to splash out on a couple of his CD's at five dollars a throw and the food was excellent too.


  1. I met Bob in Mendocino whilst bicycling around the headlands on my daily jaunt. I dunno what you fellows mean, he seemed human to me!

    I'd love more info on your bags and rear subframe enhancements, my R80G/S is just about ready to head out on a tour such as yours. Alas, mine, starting July 23, is only for two weeks...
    great to meet you, Bob!

  2. Hi Dave, our boxes and frames were made by Ernie at http://www.overland-solutions.com/
    he makes them to order and your specification and size.
    nice to meet you today.