Monday, 18 July 2011

Eureka to Weaverville

Sat 16th & Sun 17th July

Hanging around the motel this morning wasn’t on the agenda and as we only had a fairly short journey today we rode into the old historic part of Eureka. Bob and I sat drinking coffee at a local café, whilst Anne went off to explore the shops.

This pair were sitting outside the café too. I wonder at what point the owner starts looking like his dog?

There seem to be quite a few people living on the streets in Eureka. On a piece of waste ground by the river, portable tables and chairs had been set up and a couple of dozen homeless people were being fed. An interesting piece of social observation was that nearly all the homeless were white, whilst without exception, the helpers were all Black!

Eventually we prised Anne out of the shops and set off across the mountains towards Weaverville on Highway 299.

Another recommendation was to stop at the ‘Straw House’ (about 20 miles before Weaverville) for wonderful coffee, cakes and views from the patio. We weren’t disappointed.............

...........Feeders were dotted about the gardens too, attracting lots of colourful birds

Weaverville is associated with the Gold rush and has a very strong Chinese influence from the immigrants who also flocked here at the time hoping to make their fortune. The town is home to the oldest continuously used Chinese temple in California, however, only one Chinese family still lives here.

Anne negotiated a two night stop, so on Sunday morning Bob and I wandered around the museum whilst Anne hit the art galleries and shops.

Bob giving a presentation to anyone who would listen on the workings of the 'Paymaster Mine Stampmill'. If you want to know you'll have to wait til he gets home.

In the afternoon we got motorcycle withdrawal symptoms, so donned the gear and rode the few miles out to Trinity Lake and spent an hour by the water.

Anne garrotting Bob on Lake Trinity after some misdemeanour .......

Tomorrow we have to start heading back towards Los Angeles in time for Bob to meet Terry.

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