Friday, 15 July 2011

San Francisco to Garberville

Wed 13th & Thur 14th July

We are supposed to be going to South America but today we were heading north again. In fact 200 miles north to see the 'Giant Redwoods'

From San Francisco it was straight up Highway 101' Not a very exciting or scenic route but dual carriageway (or more) for most of the way, so we were able to put the miles on at a reasonable rate.

Over the weeks so far you have been subjected to lots of pictures of mountains or rocks, well today it's trees and more trees.........

One of the touristy bits, pay three dollars and you can drive through a Redwood that has had a hole cut through it. This was done in the early 1900's and fortunately wouldn't be permitted now. Good money spinner though as there was a constant queue of cars, vans and bikes waiting to drive/ride through. This particular specimen is apparently 315 ft high, 21 wide and up to 2400 years old.

Garberville, our base for the next couple of nights is a one street town which surprised us with some great cafe's and restuarants. We found out later that it is an old hippy commune which is why there is an emphasis on organic food and alternative shops - 'The Love Shack' (not quite sure what that was selling!) and 'Hemp Connection' (clothes, paper and trinkets). These aside, Bob and Anne indulged in the biggest, fluffiest (Anne's description) breakfast pancakes ever - gorgeous!

That's the trouble when a woman appears on the scene. We were deemed too scruffy and forced to have showers and a haircut!

After a lazy morning, the rest of the day was spent amongst the 'Avenue of the Giants', a road about 30 miles long that winds its way through this unique Californian Redwood forest.

The start of the 'Avenue of the Giants'

Anne & Bob playing at being children

These trees are tall.......


Riding through the forest...................

....... and another one

It is hard to describe the enormity of these trees but like the mountains and wide open spaces over here, you feel insignificant in their company.

The sun was going down and the bar was open so we headed for home..........

We enjoyed our stay here and tried to book a third night but everywhere is booked up because of a music festival in town over the weekend, so we have to move on.....

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