Sunday, 3 July 2011

Elko to Reno

Sat 2nd July

Well what can I say about today. We rode 300 miles on Interstate 80 (equivalent to our m/way) across the Nevada desert between Elko and Reno.

This is the view we had all day...........
.................the highlight, a break from the saddle and a cup of coffee. Nuff said.

One lighter moment was when we met this eccentric guy Paul at Mac D's (that's Bob talking to him). He lives in Lovelock and rides this bike that he's repaired and adapted with anything he could find in the local rubbish bin. (if you double click on the image you'll see what I mean).

We hear all the time about excess drinking and yobbish behaviour in the UK . I'm not sure the States is that much different (at least not in the rural areas we have mainly been travelling through)..................

...........just about every road sign is full of bullet holes or peppered with shot gun pellets

........ and a lot of the road verges are littered with literally thousands upon thousands of empty beer bottles that have been discarded out of car windows. Some States are worse than others because of local laws (some States charge deposits on bottles, others make it an offence to have an opened (empty or otherwise) bottle of alcohol in a vehicle encouraging people to throw them out. Perhaps we're not so bad after all.

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