Saturday, 23 July 2011

2nd on my own

Morro Bay turned out to be a nice fishing harbour, which have been scarce on this trip.

I started a lazy day at 08.30 hrs. and tried to continue on hwy1 but it is coupled with 101 at this point so 101 it was. It was not at all bad and stayed on it until Santa Barbara where I fuelled up with our favourite “Chevron” which the bike likes. She told me so!

When I got to Ventura I saw hundreds of RV's parked along the sea front on hwy1 so this photo is for my cousin David. They can stay for one week and there was no space at all. The line was at least 1.5 miles long.

Carried on to Los Angeles and found the Motel very easily and despite the traffic delays I had 3 hours to sort myself out before Terry was due to land. Got myself cleaned and eventually on to the internet but had to go to the airport, mustn't be late. Went round and round the terminal ring road and no sign of Terry. Stopped and texted to say come out to the Virgin sign, went round some more and the police were giving me some funny looks so I stopped and asked them for motorcycle specific parking. "Terminal 1 has that" was the reply so went and found that and walked to the correct terminal and found the flight had been delayed and was due 2 hrs. later. Starbucks was spotted so headed that way and slowly drank a small coffee. Eventually Terry appeared and we loaded the bike up and got off to the motel.

Terry arrives at last.

We celebrated with a 6 pack of Sierra Nevada beer and fell asleep happy.

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