Saturday, 16 July 2011

Garberville to Eureka

Fri 15th July

Our plan today was to ride another one of Eric’s recommended roads, ‘the lost coast’ a minor road that loops off highway 101 for 50 miles or so and passes through Honeydew, Petrolia and Ferndale before rejoining the 101 near Fortuna.

The route took us back into the Giant Redwoods, through the Rockefeller Forest, which was even more impressive than the ‘Avenue of the Giants’.

It must have taken forever just to cut out this section, to open up the trail.

Anne and Bob took to hugging the trees like the ageing hippies of Garberville!

Just a couple of fallen Redwoods left to rot in the forest.

In 1991 at 363ft tall, this Redwood was deemed the largest by the American Forestry Association.

With a little regret we dragged ourselves away from the peace and solitude of the Giant Redwoods and headed off along the 'Lost Coast' road.

As we've come to expect of Eric's recommendations, the road is up & down, twisty with some spectacular views.......

.....the only downside to this road is it's condition. Lots of potholes and rough sections, not recommended for the sports riders amongst you or Bob's steering head bearings.

Bridge over the River Mattole at Honeydew. They're always great to ride over. You feel you are on a proper adventure.....

Healthy lunch today at the only shop for miles around, a large pot of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and a bottle of Starbucks Moca Frappuccino. We know how to live it up!

Back on the road and heading for the coast. The sea isn't far away, you can smell it........

.........The Pacific Ocean. Amazingly this is the first time in 10,000 miles that we have had a view of the open sea, even though we have been to Vancouver and up the Inner Passage, as well as to San Francisco.
It cost me a bottle of beer to get Bob down on the beach without his diving gear. It was wild and windy and I suspect not too many people venture out on this bit of coastline.

The road left the coast and headed back inland and up over the Rainbow Ridge. We dropped down into a bygone era. The town of Ferndale describes itself as Victorian..........

.......aren't these just the quaintest, poshest public loos you've seen?

We were so surprised with the sights that we stopped and enquired how much a room would be for the night at this local hotel. It was considerably above our meagre budget so we carried on to Eureka and ended up............... for the night. The building is the motel but the sign probably more accurately describes it! Anne regretted not paying the extra at Ferndale.

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