Thursday, 21 July 2011

Days on my own

In order to meet Terry in LA on Thursday evening I had to get a move on so left Dave & Anne at Bodega Bay and headed south on Highway 1.
This is a nice coastal road but really slow with stunning views of the coast. So everyone wants to drive along it and look at the views, so it takes forever. Like all the others I wanted to see it as well.
I started on the 1 for 30 miles then had to get over to an Interstate 101 which is a motorway to us Brits. This of course meant joining the rush-hour crawl towards San Fran. I chose the motorways that skirted around the city and found myself heading to San Jose, singing the song to myself as I went along. I thought I should look at Santa Cruz as I'd heard of that place and it must be good. Well it wasn't, more traffic and just another city by the sea. Got out of there and headed for Monterrey.
Well there wasn't any smoke on the water, it was fog off the sea. Still built up to much for my liking, so kept going to Carmel. No sign of Clint Eastwood, he must be on Holiday somewhere, which is surprising as I thought he would be following the blog.

Carmel Beach

South of Carmel the road gets a lot better, twisty and more twisty, diving up and down around every cove and river estuary. Got fuelled up at the most expensive petrol to date, $5.49.9/gal, normally we pay just under $4.00/gal. And that was for the cheap stuff.
Finally the road opens up and we got going with less traffic around so managed to cover some mileage, making it to Morro Bay. Which is a real fishing harbour and serves real fresh fish in the restaurants. Lovely!
Only 213 miles to go to LA.

Morro Harbour and some of the fishing fleet.
note the small version of Gibralter and the fog.

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  1. Yes, Santa Cruz. How'd you like the traffic jamb in the middle of town. Well, I'm all packed and heading out tomorrow for a 10 day ride. I'm not bringing a laptop, so will catch up with your travels when I get back. Best to you all. Helen might be more interested in riding if she had a chance to talk to Anne. Although packing for two would be a challenge on the ZRX1200. Nice that Terry will be joining you. Best to you all. Eric