Friday, 8 July 2011

Lake Tahoe to Lodi

Thur 7th July

The plan is to get to San Francisco for Saturday so that we can meet Anne who is flying out for a fortnight. We are ahead of schedule which is one of the reasons we have slowed down over the past couple of days, although strangely I feel the need to keep moving, a bit like Forest Gump.

Today’s plan is to get to Lodi primarily on Highway 88, however, we decided to take a detour and ride over Monitor Pass (Highway 89), the one we didn’t get time to do a couple of days ago.

Bob at the summit of Monitor Pass

On top of the mountains, with views to match.

There were lots of cyclists around and after talking to one who happened to come from Scotland, it appears there is a cycle race here on Saturday that includes riding over five passes higher than 8000 ft in one day. Makes me feel like a slug.

We've done the dirt roads, now time for a bit of practise in the water.

Lunch at a cafe in Markleeville

Bob hates the heat and sun and will go anywhere to get into the shade. He's wondering if he can carry a small, quick erect gazebo on the bike!

Bob felt rough at the end of today (shivers and runs) and took himself to bed without any dinner or beer (must have been feeling poorly). We have clocked up over 9000 miles in nine weeks and been on the bikes every day. A rest in San Fran will probably be good for both of us.


  1. Run Dave Run!!! Your momma always said "life is just a box of chocolates, you never know which one you're gonna get"....looks like you got a good one, we know you're going to enjoy stopping and seeing Ann again. Hi from both of us, Nick & Sarah

  2. Just like Forest, one day you will probably stop and simply say "I want to go home now". It has happened to me before and sometimes it's a long way home. Keep up the great blog. I am check it daily. Roy