Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay

Tues 19th July

What a difference a day makes. I know I’ve said that before and it could become our signature phrase. When we got up, the fog was still quite thick and we decided that if yesterday was anything to go by it would be pointless to go along the coast road. We decided to move inland and go across to the Nappa Valley, however, by the time we had finished breakfast the fog was clearing, so we reverted to plan one, Highway one, the Coast Road.

We fully expected the fog to roll back in and our plans to change again. You could see a bank of fog all the way along the coast sitting a few hundred yards off shore with some blowing in over the cliffs.
Our first stop was the pretty town of Mendocini where Anne took the opportunity to dive into an art gallery, Bob chatted to a R100 GS owner and I stood helpless as my bike rolled off the stand and ended up on its side whilst I was taking a photo. No one was around, and fully loaded I couldn’t get anywhere near to lifting it. I was just starting to unload everything when a knight in shining armour appeared. (If you ever read this, thank you).

After the exertions it was time for coffee. It was here that we found out that there are motorbikes in the USA other than Harleys, Hondas or modern GS’s. Outside the coffee shop was an old Triumph, a BSA and an Airhead, without a Harley in sight. Needless to say the coffee stop wasn’t a quick affair but it was good to meet to you all.

The weather remained sunny, the fog stayed offshore and we enjoyed the slow cruise down highway one...........

.......... stopping frequently to take in the views.

The roads were twisty and the views impressive all day. It was quite a challenge to take in the scenery and keep an eye on the road at the same time

Apparently it is quite common to spot whales off shore in this area but we were not that fortunate, however, there were plenty of sea lions, pelicans, cormorants and other wild life to watch out for.
We stopped for the night at Bodega Bay after only having ridden about 100 miles. It's here Anne says bye to Bob and he and I part company for a few days whilst I take Anne back to San Francisco to see her off and Bob rides down to Los Angeles to meet Terry.

On our last night together we went out to paint the town red. Dinner was fish & chips washed down with a couple of bottles of beer, an ice cream from the local supermarket for dessert and a coffee back at the hotel before going to bed. We know how to party!!


  1. Hi Bob and Dave, I've tried a hundred times to post a comment since the first one, but they never seem to stick. Hopefully this one will. You have ridden some of my favorite rides. I know the Lost Coast was a struggle (Bob, haven't you got some lock tite on that headset yet?). It's like going to Deadhorse, if you're that close you have to do it, and you only have to do it once. Too bad you hit rain, that is VERY unusual for July. Beautiful photos, keep em coming. Glad to see Bob is feeling better. I got cleared Wednesday to ride motorcycle from my surgeon, so am leaving Friday for 10 days. Will head up to British Columbia and Vancouver Island. I am glad that you got to see Monitor Pass (must seem like months ago), and got to ride the coast, 36, 299, and of course the Lost Coast and see Ferndale. Best to you all. Eric

  2. Hey, it worked this time. If Bob hasn't fixed his helmet yet, the person that fixes Nolans with communications is Richard Battles. His phone is 707-836-7659. He is in Windsor, CA which I think is near San Francisco. Fun travels. Eric

  3. Eric, it's thanks to you and your map that we have been able to see all the lovely biking roads.
    The Nolan has been fixed and is waiting for me to pick-up.
    thanks again Eric and Helen.