Friday, 1 July 2011

Logan to Wendover, Nevada

Thur 30th June

Much internet searching took place last night to find a place to stop today. We looked at going south and around the bottom of Salt Lake as there was no accommodation at the top end. Eventually we decided to go around the top via interstate 84 and highway 30 and then south via 50 miles of dirt road to Wendover and the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Our coffee stop at Snowville. Bob's seat was on the end.

Once off the interstate and onto highway 30 we rode pretty much into uninhabited territory. Gone were the mountains, the roads were pretty much empty and there weren't even any cattle or horses to look at.

The watered fields......

...........quickly turned into salt flats and desert.

We turned off highway 30 and started the 50 miles of gravel and dirt road down the west side of Great Salt Lake. The first 40 were great fun, the road being in good condition, however, the last ten were a nightmare of ruts, deep washboards and pot holes that shook us and the bikes to bits. Bob's headstock bearings came loose again and a few other bits will no doubt need checking and tightening tomorrow

We rode close to the salt flats for quite a while and.......

.........eventually found a spot where we could get on them.

Our stop for the night was just over the border in Nevada from Utah. Alcohol is strictly controlled in Utah and as far as I'm aware gambling is prohibited too. Nevada on the other hand is a den of iniquity by comparison, resulting in the border city of Wendover being like a mini Vegas, full of casinos and not much else.

The bonus is that the casinos are full of good restaurants selling food at very reasonable prices. We went Mexican today.

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