Thursday, 28 July 2011

Time To Catch Up

Finally after 10 weeks of frustration I’m finally on my way and arrived at Los Angeles airport 2 hours late around 9pm to be met by Bob with a short pillion ride to the local Motel 6, following check-in a quick trip to the liquor store across the road for a 6 pack an early night was called for in anticipation of getting my hands on the bike the following day.

Following location of the correct customs office & someone who knew what they were doing all formalities were complete by 11am so off to Virgin Cargo for the re-unification with H425 GCR, after 40 minutes of ‘standing in line’ at the wrong desk you can imagine my disappointment when I was told that the bike was still in Las Vegas awaiting road shipment to LA.

What to do now!!! The options were to stay in LA or travel with Bob to Craig & Linda’s at Hesperia about 100 miles East of LA, there was a small chance of the BMW arriving on Saturday but more likely to be Monday so the trip East was the better option.

The nice receptionist at Motel 6 agreed to keep my luggage over the weekend so with only the clothes I stood up in I reluctantly jumped on the pillion with Bob for the next 4 hours from LA to Hesperia, I hate being a pillion but Bob was great & the route along Highway 2 (Angeles Crest Highway) was a real joy & included a visit to the Admo Tours office at Wrightwood to meet Joyce who organised our Grand Canyon tour back in 2005.
For the next 3 days my mood fluctuated between the joy of being here in the USA at last & the anxious disappointment of not knowing when the bike would arrive, the hospitality of Craig & Linda & the local beer eased the situation however & the call from Virgin late on Sunday to say it had arrived put me out of my misery.

Finaly it's Here!!

Craig & Linda kindly offered to take me back to LA (Thanks to you) so around 2pm after another couple of hours wait the crate finally emerged from the warehouse, about 20 minutes later it was unpacked & finally I was underway back up Highway 2, for me the adventure begins NOW!

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