Wednesday, 13 July 2011

San Francisco

Sun 10th to Tues 12th July

Sunday we left the bikes at the hotel and let the train take the strain. We spent the day climbing the streets of San Francisco.

View of Bay Bridge & San Francisco

Sea mist/fog is why temperatures in San Francisco are typically much lower than just a few miles inland. Apparently the wind that continuously funnels through Golden Gate causes colder deep seawater to surface. The cold water condenses the moist air forming fog. As heated inland air rises, the fog is drawn eastward through Golden Gate and over the coastal ridges, making San Francisco summers typically cool (cold to you and me). So now you know, if you didn't already.

A few pictures as we wandered around..................


Abbey Road, San Francisco style

The city is much like any other in the western world although I couldn’t believe quite how steep the hills are. It is the one thing that sets it apart from others. Anyone remember the car chase in the film Bullitt? Here’s the link if you fancy ten minutes excitement on the streets of San Fran

We walked through China Town, North Beach and, down to Fisherman’s Wharf for a beer in Jacks Bar. Bob got charged 27 dollars for 2 1/2 pints so we didn't hang around there

Fisherman’s Wharf was not quite what we expected. Strange how a name evokes an image. Whilst we were thinking Brixham the reality was a bit more like Blackpool, overcrowded and just a little tacky with loads of cheap gift shops.

Bob was quick to find some new friends.

Monday we decided to get out of the city and head for Muir Woods. First stop was for breakfast at a Mc Donalds. It hasn’t stopped surprising me how genuinely interested, kind and friendly everyone is. We were in a working class area and two guys came up and asked where we were from and what we were doing. When I said that we were going into Mexico they showed real concern and one asked if he could say a prayer for us. He then held both bikes and prayed asking that the Lord keep us and the bikes safe through our journey. It is the first time that has happened but everyone says drive safe, have a good day and they appear to actually mean it.

Muir woods is only about 12 miles north of San Francisco and is a good antidote to the city.

There's an immediate feeling of peace and tranquillity as we strolled amongst these giants

Redwoods can grow to 379 ft with a diameter of 22 ft and live for 2000 years

On Tuesday Anne and I rode back into the city leaving Bob to spend some time on his bike. The idea was to wander around and see a couple of the things we didn't get to see the other day........ the iconic Golden Gate Bridge partly shrouded in fog

.....and the San Francisco Municipal Railway.

Tourists standing in the middle of the road taking pictures of their nearest and dearest at the bottom of........

.....Lombard Street, San Francisco's crookedest street and one of its most popular tourist attractions. I'm not quite sure why but you can see the continuous line of cars driving down it. Must drive the residents nuts.

Modern architecture is also prevalent. This particular block caught our eye sitting alongside much older buildings.

Tomorrow we are heading up the coast.........

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