Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lodi to San Francisco

Fri 8th & Sat 9th July

The best laid plans and all that. We had intended to ride into San Francisco today but decided to stay here another day as a loo close at hand for Bob was a necessity. It is only 75 miles to San Fran so we can easily do that tomorrow and still be in time to pick Anne up.

Bob's view for much of the day. I suspect we will be seeing that sight a lot more between the three of us as we head south.

I caught up with a few chores like the washing, getting some shopping (water & rehydration sachets) and doing some exercise (the first time in nine weeks).

Looks impressive but no sweat on the t-shirt!

Some good news, Terry's bones are well on the mend and he has booked himself and his bike onto a flight to Los Angeles arriving on 21st July. Bob will meet & greet him at the airport and help sort the bike out and I'll catch up with them at Craig's after Anne flies home. (For those that haven't followed the blog from the beginning, Terry had an accident taking his bike to the airport in May which resulted in a few broken bones and a bent bike).

Saturday, and we have to get to San Francisco come what may. Fortunately Bob was fine and back to his old sweet ways, so it was business as usual.

One thing I can't quite get my head around is that here in Lodi, just 75 miles or so east of San Francisco the temperature is close to 100 deg, whilst at San Fran the temperature is just 60. Time to dig out the woollies.

The hills just to the east of San Francisco. Not been much rain here for a while!

The first thing we did in San Francisco was visit the main BMW dealer which created a bit of interest. We flew the flag by giving them a BMW Club Southern Section sticker which was immediately affixed to their window. How's that for a bit of publicity boys (and girls).

We were late getting to the airport of course and Anne was waiting for us. She was very kind in not giving us an earful, especially as it was about 2am UK time and she had been up about 20 hours. We'll try to make it up her!

We're here for the next three days, then moving up the coast towards the Giant Redwoods.


  1. When you make it up to the redwoods be sure to travel the "avenue of the giants." It is a section of the old original 2 lane highway that went through very close and around about through the giant trees. It a slow and cool ride down in the shade. There are several places to get on it as it is nearby the freeway that bypasses the old road. In our opinion it is the best part of the redwoods.

  2. Hi Bob sorry to hear clamped to the Karsie, Carol OK and Karen & I are looking out for her