Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Lake Topaz to Lake Tahoe

Tues 5th & Wed 6th July

From Lake Topaz we were heading back to Lake Tahoe today. It is a thirty mile trip but we decided to do a couple of Eric’s roads and play in the mountains. Thirty miles transformed into two hundred and thirty plus, a full days riding with stops.

For those who are following our route or want to know of a couple of wonderful riding roads, we initially rode south on the 395, then right on Highway 108 over Senora Pass and then back along Highway 4 through Bear Valley and Ebbetts Pass.

It wasn't long before we were up in the snow again. My new jacket was a little cool up here.

Bob enjoying the roads

The abuse I have to put up with! I was just about to get belted with a large pine cone

Like everything else, the trees are enormous

Our first drinks stop. Very colonial with the veranda, should have been a g & t.

150 miles of the roads were like this or twistier

Mist rising from the icy water

Very unusual for the lakes to still be partially frozen at this time of year

Well thanks to Eric we had an enjoyable days riding. We ran out of time to do another pass he recommended (Monitor Pass). No doubt well worth it if you are in the area if his other recommendations are anything to go by. Thanks again to you both.

Wednesday was spent at lake Tahoe. Unfortunately by the time we got around to do a little exploring the weather had closed in and we were subjected to thunderstorms.

Undeterred I rode around the lake whilst Bob decided to give his back a rest.

So it's some pictures of dull skies and grey water. Think yourself lucky, there are no piccy's of Bob or motorbikes on twisty roads.

This was supposed to be a picture an iridescent blue bird but they kept flying off before I could get the shot, then this little one appeared posing and preening itself so you've got that instead.

After I had just about got all the way around the lake (72 miles or thereabouts) the weather started to improve.

When the sun is out the lake's water is very blue and with the snow capped mountains it makes for some pretty pictures, unfortunately today this was about as blue as it got!

Tomorrow it's off to Lodi. All I know is it's on the way to San Francisco.

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