Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bodega Bay to Morro Bay (via San Fran)

Wed 20th to Fri 22nd July

Bob set off for LA early this morning and I took advantage of the fact it was only seventy miles to San Francisco, so we lazed around for most of the morning

Bodega Bay

All started off very relaxed as we headed off down Highway one but on getting near Golden Gate Bridge I tried to set the Sat Nav to take us to the motel but it was having none of it. The cantankerous Garmin refused to calculate a route so we had to revert to Anne on the back trying to read a street map and shout instructions at me. That’s always good for harmony! Matters got worse when I rode up what must be the steepest street in the city. At the top there were several vehicles waiting to cross the junction. I stopped in line only to find the bike sliding back down the hill with both wheels locked. I won’t bore you with the details as I’m sure your imaginations will paint a better picture. Suffice to say I dropped the bike into the kerb to stop it going any further. We eventually got ourselves to the Motel where the bike stayed until we left the city.

Thursday Anne and I walked the streets of San Francisco and explored the hippy area around Haight Street as well as all the shops and coffee bars.

The murals on the walls provided an interesting photo opportunity. This guy was so made up when I took his photo, he insisted a miracle was going to happen. Well, the Sat Nav started working again when I checked to see if it would get us to the airport!

For some reason I wasn’t feeling my best today, maybe something to do with the wine that was consumed last night but this guy looked how I felt. In fact the similarity was so striking I’m thinking of using it as my avatar.

Friday and the alarm went off at some inhuman time so Anne could get to the airport. It was great to see her, and both Bob and I enjoyed her company. Mind you we were admonished a few times for inappropriate comments. The trouble with being in male only environment for the previous ten weeks!

After dropping Anne off I headed over to Highway One and started following the iconic route south towards LA. Unfortunately it was a grey day with the fog hanging on tenaciously and refusing to give up its grip on the coast. I thought about moving inland but was forever hopeful that the sun would eventually burn through.

Out of the mist an apparition appeared. Apart from all the British paraphernalia adorning the place, the bar has ‘London Pride’ on tap. (Bet that made you wake up Bob). Unfortunately he didn’t have any in bottles!

Paddle boarding Santa Cruz style

Another view of the stunning coast, although it doesn't look quite so impressive in the gloom

'Johnny no mates' on the dunes at Monterey Bay

This is why Highway One is so good!

Bob having deserted me I couldn't get the usual shots of him riding great roads but there was a constant stream of sports bikes heading for the Moto GP at Laguna this weekend.

My first spotting of a whale. Yes I know it's not 'Moby Dick' but it is the first one I've seen, so you get to see it too.

The sun did break through eventually but it wasn't til about 6 pm.

Somehow, I failed to mention that although there were no bottles of ‘London Pride’ he did have some ‘Speckled Hen’. (There's a couple in the pannier boys).

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  1. Yes, ten weeks is a long time............. Sorry I didn't see the episode on the hill in San Fran. Hope Anne took it well. I found some nice twisty roads in Idaho and Montana for your next trip. Shoulder aches but doing ok. The G12 is doing great. Have fun. Eric