Monday, 29 August 2011

Playa Azul (still waiting)

Sat 27th to Mon 29th August

Our hopes of moving on today (Saturday) were dashed as Terry’s new battery failed to materialise. The manager of our hotel who had hoped to get it from the local DHL office a few miles away arrived after the office had closed. So we are here until Monday at least.

So another couple of days twiddling our thumbs, fiddling with the bikes, watching the rain and a daily walk to the beach.

Even the fish are getting a little bored now

There was one piece of excitement, the Mexican army with fingers on triggers, took up positions around us whilst we were minding our own business in the restaurant area of the hotel. A few minutes later one of the State's ministers and his minder came in for lunch. He was apparently in town to cut the first turf on a regeneration project.

A sort of record was achieved today (Sunday) when we didn’t wake up until 10am. After breakfast/brunch we settled down to while away another day.

Sunday evening, rather prematurely as it turns out, we decided to celebrate the end of our enforced stay here in Playa Azul. The beer flowed. We had the most expensive dishes on the menu (about £5) and party'd the night away (well until about 10 o'clock).

Monday, and the news we were hoping not to hear today. The local DHL office in Lazaro Cardenas can’t find the battery that was supposed to have been delivered on Saturday. Enquiries indicate it is still in Mexico City where it was allegedly delivered last Thursday by the BMW agent but we have no confirmation of that. We are not now expecting it until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest so have decided to research other methods of getting Terry to Cancun.................

.............. Bob test rode this state of the art machine but

....... we think we'll get there quicker if we get him a pair of these.

With 1500 miles to Cancun and only a week in which to do it, things are starting to get a bit tight but don't worry girls, we'll get there one way or another!

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